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Our professionals, their excellence and their commitment are some of our major strengths, and are therefore an integral part of our strategy. We offer a compelling career opportunity to individuals who are interested in working in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment.

Great Demands and Great Rewards

FERBER & CO. has high expectations of its employees, the expectations of FERBER & CO.’s clients require no less. We are looking for individuals with analytical excellence and creativity, team playing capabilities and a high level of drive and motivation. While we have exceptional expectations, FERBER & CO. also offers matching compensation.

Exposure to Senior Professionals

It has always been the goal of FERBER & CO. to offer its clients a maximum of senior attention on projects. Due to the small team sizes, this also maximizes juniors’ exposure to the firm’s highly experienced partners.

Full Client Contact

We expect our employees to be able to interact with clients from the junior to management level. We trust our employees to represent the company to its best and offer our employees great opportunities to distinguish themselves in various industries and environments.

Career Development

FERBER & CO.’s business model encourages professionals to assume as much responsibility as their experience and talent warrant. We look to trust our professionals with a level of responsibility that greatly exceeds other players in the industry, thus accelerating their career, personal and professional development.

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