Mergers & Acquisitions


Our clients deserve only the best advisory product available

Overall, FERBER & CO. is a generalist advisory firm focused on bringing superior analysis and financial advice to its clients, no matter what their activities are. Our M&A advisory business is based on an in-depth understanding of key industry sectors and a track record of completing transactions in major markets world-wide.

Sector specific information such as industry-specific intelligence, profound knowledge of likely participants and valuation trends clearly optimises the level of value-added in any transaction for our clients and the depth of any strategic options that we can offer.

At FERBER & CO. we believe that M&A advisory products need to be tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, we offer our clients a complete range of solutions dedicated to specific situations including:

However, as every situation and every client is different our M&A advice will always be adapted to ensure optimal results.

M&A transactions require decisions from companies and managers of long-term and strategic importance. Particularly in medium-sized or family-owned businesses the objectives usually have a unique character and are of paramount importance to the companies and their owners. In typical cases those decisions have to be carried out without significant prior experience.

Therefore, a professional, independent advisor is required to join forces with the shareholders and management. Comprehensive know-how and long-term experience through a large number of concluded transactions enable us to decisively contribute to the optimization of the decision-making process and the success of the transaction.

Throughout our numerous assignments we have been consistently striving for professional excellence. Therefore we are known for combining the experience of our partners with transactions of various sizes and complexities with our in-depth market knowledge in all major sectors and geographies.

In over 200 transactions we have proven that FERBER & CO. stands for delivering outstanding results to its clients.
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